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CPHA Logo Use Policy
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1. Ownership of Name and Logo.
CPHA’s name and logo are the exclusive property of CPHA. CPHA reserves the right to refuse use of its name and/or logo to any individual or entity.

2. Guidelines for Internal Use.
Members of the CPHA Board of Directors are free to use CPHA’s name and logo, provided the following guidelines are followed:
• The logo and text should be used together, whenever possible.
• The typeface shall not be altered or replaced with another.
• The proportions of logo and text shall be retained.
• It is understood that certain design opportunities necessitate the use of the logo without the text.
• Decoration of the logo is acceptable as long as the basic logo remains clearly visible.

3. Acceptable External Use.
CPHA members may use the CPHA name and/or logo as follows, so long as CPHA members adhere to the "Guidelines for Internal Use” set forth in Section 2 above:
• To describe a member’s activities.;
• To acknowledge their membership in CPHA; and
• To promote CPHA at non-CPHA events or in non-CPHA publications.

4. Prohibited Use.
CPHA’s name and logo should be used without modification and in an appropriate manner. Examples of prohibited use include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Any implication of endorsement by CPHA (unless previously approved by the CPHA Board of Directors);
• Commercial uses (placement of the logo on product packaging);
• Combination of CPHA’s logo with another logo.

5. Requests for Use Outside Described Scope.
Requests for use of the name and/or logo that fall outside the scope of this policy, or proposed variations on the logo design must be submitted in writing to the President for approval.

6. Implied Agreement.
Use of the CPHA logo implies acceptance of, and agreement with, the terms of this policy.

Approved by the CPHA Board of Directors on September 25, 2009.

Download the CPHA Logo HERE.