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About Us - Awards
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Public health professionals deserve to be recognized for their achievements. This occurs on the state and national level.

CPHA Awards

Each year, CPHA selects 4 people to receive one of four awards that are presented during the CPHA Annual Meeting or a mid-year meeting. A Call for Award Nominees typically will go out two months before the event.

C.-E.A. Winslow Award

The C.-E.A. Winslow Award is presented to a public health professional that has demonstrated leadership and achievement in practice, research and /or education. The award commemorates Charles-Edward Amory Winslow (1877-1957), a pioneer in public health and medicine, who is credited with founding the second oldest school of public health in the country at Yale University. Among the most widely quoted health leaders during his lifetime, Dr. Winslow believed that equal in weight with scientific ideas about health and disease was a commitment to social justice – that social ills must be the first conquest in the "conquest of epidemic disease.”

C.-E.A Winslow Award Recipients (1955-2015)
1955 - Friend Lee Mickle
1987 - Alvin Novik
1956 - CT PH Nursing Agencies Board
1988 - Martha Leonard
1957 - Ira Hiscock and Stanley H. Osborn
1989 - Elizabeth Bellis
1958 - Elizabeth Fox
1990 - Ruth Abbott
1959 - M. Allen Pond
1991 - Roslyn U. Fishman
1960 - Alfred Burgdorf
1992 - John Glasgow
1961 - John R. Paul
1994 - Susan Addiss
1962 - Hazel V. Dudley
1995 - James F. Jekel
1963 - Martha Clifford
1996 - Virginia S. Humphrey
1964 - Louis J. Dumont
1997 - James L. Hadler
1965 - Lenard F. Menczer
1998 - Cornell Scott/Katrina Clark
1966 - Warren J. Scott
1999 - Holger Hansen
1967 - Franklin M. Foote
2000 - Richard F. Straub
1968 - Edward M. Cohart
2001 - Marge Nelligan
1969 - Leonard Parente
2002 - Alfreda Turner
1970 - Wilbur Johnston
2003 - Elaine O'Keefe
1971 - Florence Austin
2004 - Paul M. Shur
1972 - Mrs.Chase Going Woodhouse
2005 - Joan Segal
1973 - Edwin Meiss
2006 - Ruth N. Knollmueller
1974 - James Hart
2007 - Katherine A. Kelley
1975 - Barbara Christine
2008 - Elaine Anderson
1976 - Adrian Ostfield
2009 - Michael J. Perlin
1977 - Estelle Siker
2010 - Baker Salsbury
1978 - Fred Adams
2011 - Shelley Diehl Geballe
1979 - J. Wister Meigs
2012 - Patricia J. Checko
1981 - Robert W. McCollum
2014 - William G. Faraclas
1984 - I.S. Falk
2015 - Jeannette R. Ickovics 
1985 - George Silver
2016 - Debbie Humphries
1986 - Ralph Gofstein 2017 - Jennifer Kertanis

2019 - Martha Page

Ira V. Hiscock Award

The Ira V. Hiscock Award is presented annually to a Connecticut layperson or organization that has made notable contributions to the advancement of public health through public service, education, advocacy and/or leadership. Ira Hiscock was an internationally recognized epidemiologist and a public health professor at Yale University who inspired generations of students.




Ira V. Hiscock Award Winners



2005 - Garret Condon
2011 - The University of Connecticut (UConn) Migrant Farm Worker Clinic
2006 - 2-1-1, United Way and State of Connecticut
2013 - March for Change
2007 - Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective
2014 - Ann Greene
2008 - Connecticut Cancer Partnership
2015 - Chris Willems
2009 - Christopher Donovan
2016 - The Witness Project of Connecticut, Bridgeport
2010 - Michel Nischan 2017 - Richard Blumenthal

2019 - Mark Jenkins


Charles G. Huntington III Award

The Charles G. Huntington III Award is presented annually to a Connecticut health care practitioner who has demonstrated public health leadership and a commitment to the health and well-being of populations. Charles Huntington was a leader, a role model, a dedicated humanist, a steadfast public health advocate and a caregiver of the first order. He was a leader in the physician assistant profession, a leader of the Connecticut Public Health Association for many years, and at the time of his death, was Associate Dean and Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.



  Charles G. Huntington III Award Winners


2010 - Bruce Gould
2015 - Stephen Updegrove
2011 - Robert Hill and Gary Spinner
2016 - Thomas P. Meehan
2013 - Garry Lapidus 2017 - Richard Melchreit
2014 - Louise-Marie Dembry 2019 - Dr. Charles Atkins


The Michael J. Perlin Student Award

The Michael J. Perlin Student Award recognizes a current graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in an accredited public health program who demonstrates, through student activities and/or community service, a commitment to leadership, volunteerism, and the highest educational standards. At the time of his passing, Perlin was Professor Emeritus of Public Health at Southern Connecticut State University, where he distinguished himself as a respected educator, colleague and public health advocate. During his 41 years in education-the majority spent at Southern Connecticut State University as a Professor of Public Health-Perlin was known as an energetic and ingenious teacher, who left an indelible mark on countless students. He was the 2009 recipient of the C.E.A. Winslow Award.


 Michael J. Perlin Student Award Winners

2013 - Étienne X. Holder
2017 - Riddhi Doshi 
2014 - Avery H. LaChance 2019 - Gabrielle Diaz
2015 - Jonathon Noel  
2016 - Randy Domina and Elizabeth Schwartz


The Beth Weinstein Award


 CPHA has added the Beth Weinstein award in honor of Beth Weinstein and is honored to make 2019 the first year to award it! The Beth Weinstein Award is bestowed on an individual working in, or on behalf of, a local or state government agency who has demonstrated continued excellence, partnership, promise, or  accomplishment, and/or dedication to the advancement of public health. An individual recognized with this award may work directly in public health or with a cross-sector partnership entity. This award is named in honor of Beth Weinstein, MPH, who served Connecticut with the highest distinction as the CT Department of Public Health (DPH) AIDS Division Director, Preventable Diseases Director, and Family Health Director for many years. As a consummate public health professional, and a model practitioner of civil service, Beth set an example of excellence collaborating with mutual respect with public policy makers, government agency staff at the local state and federal levels, members of the media, non-governmental organizations, and the general public.



APHA Awards

The American Public Health Association recognizes public health professionals through 9 awards, each given our during the APHA Annual Meeting. A Call for Nominations goes out about 6 months before the Annual Meeting.

Sedgwick Memorial Medal - awarded for distinguished service and advancement of public health knowledge and practice.

APHA Award for Excellence - given each year to a living individual in recognition of his/her exceptionally meritorious contribution to the improvement of health of the people.

David P. Rall Award for Advocacy in Public Health - awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to public health through science-based advocacy.

Milton and Ruth Roemer Prize for Creative Local Public Health Work - awarded to a local health officer of a county, city or other unit of local government, in recognition for outstanding creative and innovative public health work.

Sidel-Levy Award for Peace - awarded to an APHA member who has made outstanding contributions to preventing war and promote international peace.

Martha May Eliot Award - honors extraordinary health service to mothers and children; to bring such achievement to the eyes of related professional people and the public; to stimulate young people in the field to emulate efforts resulting in such recognition; and to add within the profession and in the eyes of the public to the stature of professional workers in the field of maternal and child health.

Helen Rodriguez-Trias Social Justice Award - awarded to a person who has distinguished herself/himself professionally by working toward social justice for underserved and disadvantaged populations.

Jay S. Drotman Memorial Award - recognizes the career of a promising young public health professional or student.

Student Assembly Public Health Mentoring Award - recognize the essential role of mentoring in public health and leadership development.

1986 - Ralph Gofstein
1990 - Ruth Abbott
1990 - Ruth Abbott
1992 - John Glasgow
1992 - John Glasgow

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