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Membership Committee
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Our Mission

To build and strengthen the membership of CPHA 

Our Strategy

Membership is a result of CPHA offering support, information, and events for its members and potential members. Discussions for the expansion of events and services to members will assist in attracting and retaining members. Short term efforts will use existing contacts to market CPHA and the annual meeting. The longer-term strategy is outreach to less traditional members who are impacted and impact public health issues. 

Committees Leadership 

Laurene Powers-Buzdon,

Join the Membership Committee  

Everyone is welcome to help on the membership committee. Ideas, contacts, and information on what other organizations are doing would be helpful along with anyone who wants to work on the implementation of effort. Participation with this committee affords members the opportunity to develop innovative methods of increasing new member enrollment and retaining existing members. Professional members are able to interact with their peers and share their insights as to successful membership recruitment. If you are interested in joining the membership committee, send an email to