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Internship Opportunities

Students interested in health care policy and the legislative process are encouraged to apply to the Connecticut Public Health Association’s internship program, which runs during the Connecticut General Assembly’s legislative session. An intern typically will:

  • Take a tour of the Capitol building and legislative office building.
  • Track bill activity.
  • Research upcoming legislative initiatives.
  • Write CPHA Advocacy Committee communications.
  • Prepare and update legislative fact sheets.
  • Draft letters to legislators.
  • Submit written testimony.
  • Attend and testify orally at public hearings.
  • Observe legislative debate on the floor of the state House of Representatives and Senate.
  • Attend monthly CPHA Advocacy Committee meetings and other external meetings as a representative of CPHA.
  • Draft legislative updates to the CPHA membership.
  • Review CPHA’s legislative priorities.
  • Assess efficacy of advocacy efforts at close of legislative session.

Interns will learn about the overall legislative process and basic tenets of general public health advocacy. A culminating project will be required, to be shaped with the individual intern.

To apply, please forward your resume and cover letter to Roberta Friedman,